CEP is committed to incorporating social and environmental practices to contribute to a greener world, not only in the US but as a brand worldwide. We are passionate about discovering new ways to lessen our ecological footprint, overcome sustainability challenges, and do our part to help others and protect our future generations.


Therefore, we have partnered with sustainability experts to lead us and expand our current efforts in the areas of social, environmental, and economic responsibility. This is just the beginning of a more sustainable future for our brand.


Medi is a business rooted in healthcare, so giving back is something that comes naturally and is a priority. This is something we demonstrate not only through support for our employees and their families, but through the support of social institutions and projects around the world.


Our medi headquarter in Bayreuth, Germany has teamed up with the organization, Diakonie, where we help provide aid to people with disabilities or illness, to children and families, to immigrants and their families, and to those struggling with addiction or those otherwise disadvantaged. We are proud to work with an organization who stands for those in need.


The nonprojit organization Medi For Help was also founded to lend sustainable assistance to people and communities in crisis areas by providing improvements in clinical care, medical training, and education. Medi For Help has raised funds and provided support in Haiti for various projects such as rehabilitation and wound care, developed clinics for Lymphatic Filariasis, and obtained labs for orthopedic and prosthetics, and more.




Starting in 1997 all medi products underwent testing for the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. With this certification, you can be certain our products are made exclusively with safe materials, and without harmful dyes or other substances. The testing processes takes into account numerous regulated and non-regulated substances that may be harmful to human health.


The test is employed regularly to ensure that each product satisfies every aspect in the comprehensive catalog of criteria- This is reassessed annually and expanded with new scientific knowledge and statutory requirements. With this test we can be confident we are producing products that are skin-friendly, and kind to the environment.


With the OEKO-TEX® label, you can be certain we use selected colorants that are low in harmful substances to dye our products. All of our dyes can be safely released into the wastewater system, as they do not require a special waste disposal procedure.


By using these selected dyes and colorants, medi makes a significant contribution to avoiding environmentally-damaging waste disposal processes.


Following the dye process of our products, extra colorant must be rinsed away with warm water. In order to do this, the water must be heated for each new batch. To avoid unnecessary energy and water use, medi uses a heat recovery system. This system takes fresh, cold water and heats it by the residual heat of the outgoing water. This saves resources by using less gas for heating the water daily.


Our products also need to be rinsed before they are ready for packaging. Medi uses the lowest amount of water possible for each rinse procedure, as well as recycles the steam used through our boiler to be reused through the process, thus significantly reducing our water use.



With 2700 employees worldwide and 1800 jobs in Bayreuth, Germany alone, medi is one of the most important employers in this region in Germany. In the US, medi employs over 500 people with full benefits, competitive pay, and career opportunities for people of all skill levels.


Our family-run company focuses on sustainable growth and ensures a secure job for many people in the future.