CEP is a premium brand that offers a wide range of products from compression socks and tights to shorts and shirts for the Running, Training, Hiking and Skiing markets.


All of the products are developed in collaboration with renowned scientists, sports physicians, pro athletes and designers specifically for the respective sport and produced to the highest quality standards.

CEP is a leading manufacturer of compression sportswear and a brand of medi®, an internationally successful company founded in 1951 in Bayreuth, Germany. CEP launched production of high-tech compression socks in 2007 based on the medical expertise of its parent company, medi®, a leading global manufacturer of medical compression products.


In addition to accurate graduated compression, every CEP product is produced with unrivaled quality and standards that are set by medi.

Using high quality and durable yarns and fibers our socks are built anatomically, fitting the foot perfectly so there is no slipping or seams causing discomfort or blisters. No matter the activity or the footwear, our socks stay put and encircle your foot with materials that protect, support, and feel great.
Experience all day comfort with perfectly positioned padding that fits comfortably in any shoe. Breathable cushioning on the heel and toe offers protection and pain relief, whether you’re running on hard pavement, standing, or recovering from Plantar Fasciitis you’ll notice the CEP difference.
On hot days the optimized materials wick body moisture away from the skin into the textile. This allows excess moisture to evaporate faster so your skin stays dry. On cold days the fibers lock air in. This isolates the body from cold temperatures, keeping you warm.
Compression zones in the ankle, arch, and achilles provide unmatched support and reduce swelling and pain in the joints. The stabilizing effect from the compression is perfect for injury- prone ankles, sore arches, and offers relief from achilles tendonitis.