Running Wear



CEP offers running gear for men and women – for summer and winter, with and without compression, in subtle and striking designs. In addition to a huge selection of running socks with compression, you will also find running shorts, tights and shirts that actively support you during training. Caps, visors and bandanas prepare your training outfit for any weather. 

Compression and more during your runs 

There are many reasons for you to choose running apparel with compression. Compression socks, shorts and tights stimulate blood circulation in your legs, which improves the supply of nutrients and keeps your legs feeling fresh. In addition, your legs recover faster and you benefit from a perfect stay-put fit. You should also consider which socks to wear with your running outfit. Find out more about the benefits of compression here.

Alongside compression garments CEP also offers you a wide range of premium running clothing without compression. One alternative is apparel with TIGHTFIT Technology. It features a snug fit and applies gentle pressure but is not as strong as compression, which makes it exceptionally comfortable.

Running wear with the right fit not only ensures a sense of comfort and well-being, it also has an impact on your performance. Your running gear should feature a design that is as close-fitting as possible so you experience minimal wind resistance. Moreover, your outfit should be elastic so it can move with you.

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